social impact


Significantly increase community access to locally & humanely farmed, nutritious fruits, vegetables & meat.


Increase demand for locally farmed goods by implementing innovative logistical and supply chain business solutions.

social good

Decrease dependency on food import while reducing cost and increasing value for residents and visitors alike.


Engaging the community through education and innovation insures local buy-in and adaptation of new solutions, a new way of thinking.

WHY Blockchain in Agriculture?

Connect the supply side ( farmers) and demand-side (consumers) in a transparent value-based way. Utilizing blockchain technology, consumers will know the nutritional value of each product they buy while farmers will benefit from educated consumers investing in healthier sources.


  • Local farms benefit from increased demand by utilizing blockchain smart contracts with local residents, retailers, and restaurants.
  • Community benefits from improved overall health. Potential increased benefits for SNAP recipients and decreased long term healthcare costs due to nutrient-rich consumption.
  • Foundational benefit in having a transparent scalable agro-business model that is rooted in secure and transparent transactions.
  • Ability to integrate cryptocurrency exchange within a local community marketplace

what is blockchain

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EA Groups goal is to solve real community problems by providing high impact innovative technology solutions. Aggregating private, public and academic world to ENGAGE TECHNOLOGY AND HELP COMMUNITY.


EA Group’s pilot project was funded by Morgan State University 2020 Innovation FinTech Grant.  In mists of Covid-19 pandemic we received an opportunity to make a difference and think creatively. Our purpose was to find innovative solutions and help the territory of US Virgin Islands address key economic and health issue.  Food Security.  


Joanne Luciano

Principal Investigator
Dr. Joanne Luciano is the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) Distinguished Professor of Data Science. An internationally recognized multidisciplinary scholar and humanitarian,
Dr. Luciano is building the Data Science Program at the UVI.
Dr. Luciano creates communities where collaboration efforts focus on using emerging technologies to benefit society.

Ollie Gejevski

Visionary & Entrepreneur 
Ollie’s involvement stems directly from his experience of growing a start-up in the US Virgin Islands that depended heavily on the supply chain of healthy organic produce. His first-hand experience provided him with the knowledge set and concept as to how to address the issue.

Andy Breton

Software Developer  
Andy joined the project to help in the core set up and technical project management. As a recent graduate from the University of Virgin Islands Andy is keen to help and contribute positively to his birthplace and community in which he lives.

Sean Francis

Blockchain Evangelist 
Sean's passion for blockchain platform and its applications is second to none. He is the key driving force behind implementing blockchain smart contracts as a business solution to our current food supply chain challenge.

Katie Bell-Wright

Project Manager  
Katie is a recent graduate from Suffolk University majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. She is passionate about the future of the FinTech sector and excited to learn about blockchain applications and solutions. Katie keeps us organized and flowing.

Janet Turnbull-Krigger

Former Assistant Commissioner of Human Services, US Virgin Islands. 
As an avid micro farmer and experienced public service professional with a key role in 2017post-hurricane efforts to provide maximum government service when needed the most, Janet brings enormous value to the EA Groups project.

Jai Arun

Adviser- IBM Blockchain Platform  
Jai is a senior technology business executive with over 22 years of experience working with IBM for 16years, and 6 years with Unisys, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, and astart-up organization Diablo Technologies. Mr. Arun has spearheaded IBM’s Blockchain strategy, business development, and defined business strategy for the foundational technology platform known as Hyperledger Fabric along with Blockchain-based Supply Chain and Trusted Digital Identity solutions.

Travis Hamlin

Student Intern  
Travis is a current student at the University of Virgin Islands as well as a micro-farmer. His passion for microfarming offers an additional perspective to innovation in food security.


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